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Reseller Service

We believe our resellers understand the markets they work and live in, and we have designed our reseller program with this in mind. We provide industry leading tools and products that put control and profitability in your hands. Our industry leading, web-based management system supports the reseller distribution channel providing access to you, your reseller, sub reseller, users and accounts. We give you the tools to distribute the product to the entire channel.

The system allows you to set the rates you want , giving you control of your profits. In addition, you can quickly respond to your changing market by instantly updating rates and routing preferences. We have engineered unique VPN solutions to address the challenges of regulated markets.

Why Reseller Service

Fully re-branded services as your own Efficient online tools to generate custom prices and complete online billing and reporting know the profits in business Unique VPN solutions to over come any kind of blocking Mobile dialer and SIP softphone customized to your brand You are entitled for our 24x7 helpdesk assistance. Volume-based discounts with out any commitments. Instant activation of accounts Live 24/7 Technical Support in your language Flexible payment options that post to your account in less than 2hrs.

Carrier Service

In the international voice termination business, a call made by an end-user across borders does not frequently connect directly with one carrier at the destination market. It passes through several service providers, including wholesalers or transit carriers who aggregate traffic from several points and direct the call toward its destination where the final provider serves that mobile or fixed-line number.

Multiple global interconnections and a robust TDM/IP network makes Voxmage the ideal choice for international carriers, mobile operators and retail service providers looking for high quality worldwide voice termination. We deploys a sophisticated automated routing mechanism that prevents delays or manual intervention.

Why Carrier Service

Extensive and globally accessible network in Africa, Asia and Europe High quality voice termination to anywhere in the world Direct access and redundant connections to the world's leading carriers Online access to traffic volumes and credit balances Standard wholesale processes Competitive and stable pricing 100% uptime